a weekend in the woods


A few shots from a weekend spent deep in the woods. I am constantly amazed by the clarity that comes from spending time in nature. As I put it on Instagram,  

"Sitting in silence is an art these days." This is something a dear friend said recently and it has stuck with me. These words ring true. I go to the woods, the lakes, the ocean, and the mountains because when I simply cease my striving and open my senses...I hear nothing. Silence. The soft shush of water to shore. The warble of a cardinal in a distant pine. The gentle, loving wind embracing the worshiping arms of the forest. Here, in these depths, the suffocating layers we've wrapped tightly around reality are stripped away, laying bare that which is true. I am grateful for the unraveling of the false. I am thankful that earth is as steadfast and encompassing as ever. Here, in this peace...I am. Simply am. With nothing else attached."

There is wisdom in the quiet wood; a wordless song. A path that leads to that which is real. A path carved through and within reality in its truest form; far from the noise, the clutter, the distractions. It's weekends like this last one that remind me of what is important. 

Do you gain clarity from spending time in nature? What is one outdoor place that brings you peace? The forest, the ocean or mountains? Please share your own personal journey below, friend. I would love to hear from you. πŸ™πŸ’›πŸ‚

Stay stoked,

New Preptober/Nano Series on The Kate & Abbie Show

Hey friends! 

We're in the thick of fall. The days have been long and beautiful here, and Abbie and I have been working on a new, exciting series for you guys! I'll share a bit now.

NaNoWriMo is fast approaching and you know what that means: getting back into the habit of writing consistently every day. But sticking to a habit is easier said than done. How can you stay focused when there are so many distractions? That's what this week's podcast is all about. In this episode, Abbie and I share some of our favorite techniques for developing a writing habit and sticking to it. Perfect for NaNoWrimo or any other day of the year! 

I also wanted to share a new video I just posted on my YouTube channel. If you enjoyed my recent autumn post here on the blog, I think you'll really enjoy this video - Vermont Fall in 4 Minutes. Have a watch below:

How is your fall thus far, my friend? What's your favorite thing about this time of year? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Or are you working on a novel? Let me know, I would love to hear from you. πŸ‚☕️πŸ™

stay stoked!


Vermont in Autumn - A Season In Photographs

This time of year, I rarely leave my house without my cannon slung over my shoulder and a backpack of lenses strapped to my back. 

These days are long and golden. They are warm sunlight, wind whipping through the tall grass and rust-colored corn fields. They are writing and coffee and writing and coffee and more of the same. They are kayaking and listening to Canadian geese come in for a landing each night, and waking to their joyful chorus each morning. 

It's watching the sheep and the horses graze the hillsides, so contented within themselves - free, wild, at one with the earth they roam.

These days are for dwelling. For letting go of the clutter, and sinking deep into what is real and here and now as one sinks back into a homemade quilt stretched over their bed.

Autumn. Fall. 

To me, it is the season in which the mountains ignite and the harvest moon rises in golden glory. I hope that through these snapshots I can share just a bit of what this time of year means to me with you. 

Do you love autumn? What is your favorite thing about this time of year? What is your favorite thing to do in the fall? Let me know, I would love to hear about your own journey, friend. πŸπŸ‚

Stay stoked,

How to Believe in Yourself As a Writer (When Nobody Else Does)

Do you ever feel like you're not qualified to be a writer? Do you often catch yourself saying "they are so much better than me!" or comparing yourself to other writers? Do you feel discouraged by people who tell you to "get a real job" or that you're simply not good enough? 

If so, this episode of The Kate & Abbie Show is for you. 

Abbie and I sat down to talk about how to believe in yourself as a writer...even when it seems like no one else does. This episode will boost your confidence and give you the courage to believe in your writing. 

I am stoked to share with you guys what has become one of our most listened to episodes of the podcast yet. 


- Stay positive

- Use positive words to speak to yourself about your writing

- Be proud of how far you have come

- Build the author you want to be within...here and now

How do you talk to yourself and others about your writing? What do you think of this episode of the show, and what would you add to this conversation about believing in yourself as a writer? Comment below and let me know...I would love to hear from you. πŸ™πŸŒΏ

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Extreme Digital Minimalism - Life Without A Phone

Hey friends. Fall is officially here. Here I sit in a warm, favorite sweater, finishing up a mug of steaming matcha. Mmm. The sunlight is golden as it pours in through the windows, and I have spent the morning reading through a current work in progress (exciting!) Please take a moment to tell me how you are down in the comments. How's your autumn so far?

If you follow my YouTube channel, you have probably already seen my latest video, but if you haven't, I'll link it below. 

This one's called life without a phone. Which sounds...different to many. I've been wanting to make a video about this for a while now because it is something that has very deeply (and positively) impacted my life and creativity.

We live in a world that is constantly vying for our attention. We are inundated by consumerism - this toxic idea that we "need more in order to be happy" but in reality nothing could be further from the truth, and this is one of the many reasons I practice minimalism; digitally, and in every other area of my life.

For me, minimalism combats this idea that we endlessly "need more." Minimalism supports a gentle and loving reminder that we are enough, and that we have enough, and I believe that from this place of understanding, we can begin to be creative.

Life without a phone has taught me that I must disconnect from all of the noise in order to truly connect...in order to truly engage my own spirit and creativity. I hope that this video can be an encouragement to you on your own path of creativity and mindfulness. I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments.

I choose to live without a phone, and to use a phone only when traveling because:

- I believe that phones and other digital devices can create distraction and block our creativity

- I believe that it is important to remain fully present and mindful

- I believe that it is important to use technology mindfully and for the purpose that it was created for: to help us connect when we need to. To inspire, not to hinder. 

How do you practice digital minimalism in your own daily practice, friend? Or, if you do not practice minimalism, how do you cultivate a healthy relationship with the digital items that you own? I would love to hear about your own practice if you would like to share. πŸ™πŸŒžπŸŒΏ

Stay stoked,


How I Created a Peaceful Writing Nook - In 5 Steps

Good morning my friends! Today I wanted to share my new video with you: this one is about my personal practice of creating a peaceful, high-vibe writing nook in which I can be creative and enjoy myself.

I do this by:

1. Choosing my space mindfully

2. Creating an atmosphere

3. Making myself something (usually warm + cozy) to drink. (You guys know how much I love coffee...and now matcha also!)

4. Changing it up

5. Keeping it simple

These five steps are the tools I use on a regular basis to create a loving and peaceful environment to create in. I really dig into each of these in the video, so I invite you to brew a cup of coffee or tea and watch the video. If you are a creative writer, or someone who works at a desk, you will receive a lot of value from it. That is my hope.

Have a beautiful week, my friend! 🌺🌱🌞

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Stay stoked!


How to Successfully Self-Publish on Amazon - with Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur

Hey guys! Some exciting news - Abbie and I interviewed Dave Chesson on Kindlepreneur on the show last week. Creative writers: you don't want to miss this episode!

Dave is a book marketing tactics guru...his mission is to empower authors to take their book sales to the next level. He is also the creator of Publisher Rocket, a software that helps authors see what's really going on in Kindle marketing.

We were thrilled to have Dave on the show to break down some of the common questions many writers face when publishing their debut novel.

Highly recommend grabbing a cup of coffee (or tea) and grabbing a notebook for this one!

Stay stoked!

Student of life...trying new things 🌞

Hello my friends. It's late morning here in the rainy, overcast Vermont mountains, and I thought I'd share with you my current view and a bit about what I've been up to. πŸŒ±πŸ” The photo above is of my exact current surroundings, I snapped it just a few minutes before sitting down to type this. 

Morning essentials:

- Green smoothie (kale, mango, banana, plant-based protein powder, spirulina, almond butter, hemp milk)

- Klean Kanteen full of water (hydrate!)

- a favorite clay mug of (nearly gone) organic coffee with coconut oil and a drop of organic liquid stevia.

- 100% pure frankincense oil

I've been relaxing into the grind lately; embracing the luxury of being a student of life, and fully awakening to the resources I have been so generously given: the ability to grow, learn, and to cultivate the garden of my mind, paving new roads for my thoughts to drive on. It's a process...and rather than striving to "get to the end" of this process, I have been reminding myself that the joy, the life, the goodness truly is right here, right now, in the journey. We have arrived!

I am learning:

- how to embrace more sustainable living without fear, judgement, or perfectionism, but simply doing my personal best.

- about cultivating a more positive and enlightened mental atmosphere

- To tend to my body's nutritional needs with greater awareness

- To carve out time to practice French. Language learning is something that has always fascinated me. I've taken French for years, and now I am deepening my practice. 

Sustainability and loving this planet in ways that help to create a positive impact are things that I am passionate about. But I think it's also important to not become overwhelmed or fall into the trap of needing to be "perfectly" sustainable. We all create waste to some degree. It is inevitable. In my personal opinion, the most important thing is to simply be conscious. Be aware of what and how we consume. Reduce, but don't become destructively obsessive. Instead, let's focus our energy on how we can better support renewable methods, such as composting. (More on this in another post! Very excited about what I've been learning on this topic. 🌞)

Every day, I have been trying to listen to positive affirmations. I love simply listening, or, when I can, repeating each one as I listen. This morning I listened and repeated while I whipped up my green smoothie...It's something I want to continue with. The good vibe is tangible, and helps to get my day started on a good, positive note. 

A few new things I have tried:

- Matcha. Ceremonial style, as well as latte style. MMMM! High in antioxidants. Rich in catechins, helps protect the liver + boosts brain function. It's so enjoyable to make: akin to the soothing process of pour-over. 

- A frothing wand! Always wanted to try one, and the other day I finally picked one up from our local co-op. It works really well, and has become a companion to the matcha latte making process! 

- Dalgona coffee. I tried making it for the first time yesterday...did not work out well, but it was fun and relaxing to experiment in the kitchen. I plan giving it another go with higher quality instant coffee. 

- Barefoot running with Xero Shoes. After quite a bit of research, I invited a pair of Z-Trek sandals into my life and went barefoot running for the first time the other night at the park. So different! It's a lot to get used to, but I can certainly see the benefits.

I think trying new things is good for the soul. It doesn't have to necessarily be something big. Small things are where life is at. :) I enjoy mixing warm, nutritious drinks, learning languages, spending time outside, and looking after my body. I think any new things that we take time to try that add value and benefit to our lives our certainly worth the effort.

On the writing front...a lot has been going on. If you saw my recent Instagram post, you know that I am hard at work on a new series that I am very excited to share with you. There's a few other exciting things in the works...more on that soon.

Alright, it's your turn: what have you been up to? How has your week been? What is one new thing you have tried recently? I would love to hear about it in the comment section below. πŸ™πŸŒΏ I wish you a beautiful day. Namaste.

stay stoked,



zion is red rock. rust red. the dirt is the same, and it gets everywhere, into your shoes and down your socks, smeared all over your legs. it's a terracotta basin giving birth to sunset splashed peaks and canyons.

zion is tired in a good way. the sweet soreness that settles into the limbs after the length of the day curls in on itself, culminating in a starry lavender dusk. zion is tipping your head back to fill your eyes with a billion stars that shine brighter than the sparkling virgin river at noon. silver pinpricks stretched out over towering craggy peaks in a shimmering canopy. 

zion is meditating before dawn. zion is wading the narrows in silent awe; the only sound, the waterfalls and the current tumbling over the rocks. 

zion is hiking until you feel the high winds on your face; until you feel as though if you simply reached out your fingertips would brush with the wings of eagles.

zion is mountains flying past the window, splotches of red and dark green, and red and darker green, and sparkling water and wandering deer. It's listening to climbers talk about routes that race up the crimson towers, a spark in their eyes. 

zion is this enormous presence...a looming, massive presence that is tangible in the atmosphere. A presence so big they're aren't words to describe it. it's just something in your chest going a little faster and feeling a little lighter because, my goodness, there is something here. And my head may not know what but my heart does.


Starting a new series called HIGH VIBES. Because for me, that embodies so much of what my nomadic lifestyle means to me. Exploring new places and seeing new things...it's not just about the places themselves, it's about who we are when we arrive and who we become in those places, how they help us grow. The places I've hiked have helped to shape me and teach me. The mountains are great teachers. The ocean is a reckless but loving mother. 

There is spirituality and purpose in nature, and I believe that God speaks to us through it. I believe that there is so much around us, teaching us and leading us; guiding us. The sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the wind on my face, all of it whispers meaning. It's more than traveling. It's learning from earth - and oh, man the vibe is high. I believe that deeply, and I think that's part of why we feel so good when we get away from all the noise and truly connect to earth. To what is real.

So I hope through this series can be something that shares just a little taste of that. :)

Tell me...what's one place you've traveled to that has totally blown your mind? Where was your last adventure? How do you feel connecting to nature has helped you personally? I would love to hear about it below if you're up for sharing. πŸŒžπŸŒΏπŸ” 

stay stoooooked,