My 7 Minimalist Self Care Essentials

Rest. Taking a moment. Breathing. Remembering that we are here to create...and that includes creating and cultivating and choosing joy. 

Here I sit, a steaming matcha latte in hand, remembering that life is brought to you by the slow sips...the pause...

Mmm. How often we forget the pause.

Sitting in silence...enjoying this...THIS. This moment we are living in right here, right now. 

Today's video on my channel is a thoughtful, yummy offering on the topic of self care and what it means to me exactly. I've been thinking a lot about self care and what it means. 

Self care is so much more than just going to get a facial or taking a bubble bath (not that there's anything wrong with these)'s about asking yourself: what really, deeply nourishes me, body, mind, and spirit? 

Often, the label of "self care" is applied to things that don't actually nourish us. Today, I wanted to open this topic and invite you to take part in this discussion...I wanted to share a few of the minimal, nourishing, and earth-friendly items that I use in my daily practice of self-care. I am not perfect in my practice by any a busy writer and creative, I can often forget to continuously nourish myself. But that's where self love comes in. :) Every day is a new chance to become whole.

So tell me, what are a few of your favorite ways to look after yourself? What are some nourishing items that you have invited into your own personal self-care practice? 🙏💛 Namaste

Stay stoked,


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