zion is red rock. rust red. the dirt is the same, and it gets everywhere, into your shoes and down your socks, smeared all over your legs. it's a terracotta basin giving birth to sunset splashed peaks and canyons.

zion is tired in a good way. the sweet soreness that settles into the limbs after the length of the day curls in on itself, culminating in a starry lavender dusk. zion is tipping your head back to fill your eyes with a billion stars that shine brighter than the sparkling virgin river at noon. silver pinpricks stretched out over towering craggy peaks in a shimmering canopy. 

zion is meditating before dawn. zion is wading the narrows in silent awe; the only sound, the waterfalls and the current tumbling over the rocks. 

zion is hiking until you feel the high winds on your face; until you feel as though if you simply reached out your fingertips would brush with the wings of eagles.

zion is mountains flying past the window, splotches of red and dark green, and red and darker green, and sparkling water and wandering deer. It's listening to climbers talk about routes that race up the crimson towers, a spark in their eyes. 

zion is this enormous presence...a looming, massive presence that is tangible in the atmosphere. A presence so big they're aren't words to describe it. it's just something in your chest going a little faster and feeling a little lighter because, my goodness, there is something here. And my head may not know what but my heart does.


Starting a new series called HIGH VIBES. Because for me, that embodies so much of what my nomadic lifestyle means to me. Exploring new places and seeing new things...it's not just about the places themselves, it's about who we are when we arrive and who we become in those places, how they help us grow. The places I've hiked have helped to shape me and teach me. The mountains are great teachers. The ocean is a reckless but loving mother. 

There is spirituality and purpose in nature, and I believe that God speaks to us through it. I believe that there is so much around us, teaching us and leading us; guiding us. The sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the wind on my face, all of it whispers meaning. It's more than traveling. It's learning from earth - and oh, man the vibe is high. I believe that deeply, and I think that's part of why we feel so good when we get away from all the noise and truly connect to earth. To what is real.

So I hope through this series can be something that shares just a little taste of that. :)

Tell me...what's one place you've traveled to that has totally blown your mind? Where was your last adventure? How do you feel connecting to nature has helped you personally? I would love to hear about it below if you're up for sharing. πŸŒžπŸŒΏπŸ” 

stay stoooooked,

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