Small Steps: How Yoga Helps Me Reset & Have A Better Day

I believe in small actionable steps. I think they are important and how anything is accomplished. Small steps are what make up the world around us, everything we love. It all was once just a thought, acted upon not in one herculien leap that brought it into manifestation, but in small steps. Small steps bring so much about.

I like to apply this idea whenever I can. I try to remind myself not to look at the big picture, but to look at the very next small actionable step. What can I do next that would make this better?

I say this about small steps, because yesterday I was thinking about how one small step in particular has completely changed my life. Yesterday, I was having a bit of an off, grumpy morning. You know the kind of morning I'm talking about. I just felt tired and frustrated for no particular reason.

I stopped everything, set all tasks aside and rolled out the yoga mat. For a half an hour, I stretched, worked my core, and breathed deep. And it turned my day around.

I know this sounds like a bit of a yogi-rant, of course I'm going to say this as someone who practices yoga, right? But I'm serious...I've always worked out, since I was a young teenager. But there's something very, very special and different about yoga. I've practiced for around five years now, and I still feel as though I am only just beginning to discover the benefits of the journey.

It has helped me to connect with my body and my environment so much. It's a tune-up. It's something that I've found actually does have the power to completely turn my day around. When I'm having a "bad" day, I drop everything and retreat to the mat.

By this point, it's becoming common knowledge that movement brings with it a plethora of benefits for both the mind and the body, easing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and allowing our muscles to stretch, relax, and build us into the strongest, healthiest versions of ourselves.

My personal experience with yoga specifically, this unity of breath and movement, has proven itself to be something that has the capacity to turn my entire day around. When I feel off, I turn to yoga, and from what I've experienced, it resets my day. I feel better, refreshed. I can think with far better clarity. I feel connected with the environment around me, and deeply immersed in my own body and it's needs. It drives me to eat clean and healthy, to fill my cup, to cultivate and express gratitude, and to accomplish with grace and compassion.

Yoga merits more blog posts - it's an expansive topic. But for now, I just wanted to give it a shoutout, express gratitude and love for how well it has served me, and leave a few resources below if you're looking to give it a try yourself, or simply deepen your practice.

I am grateful to yoga for giving me an opportunity to let go, to pause and to set aside anything and everything that may be cluttering my mind. I am grateful for the chance to simply breathe, Society pushes "do" while yoga contradicts this with what I deeply believe to be a vital spiritual principle: "be."

I am thankful that each day is a gentle and welcoming opportunity to learn how to be. Because no matter how much I "do"...what I accomplish is not who I am. Who I am is not the author of The Blood Race. Who I am is not the filmmaker. Who I am is not an entrepreneur. These are all wonderful things...but they are just that: things. Not who we are. Not definitions.

Oh, we have something so powerful inside of us...we haven't even scratched the surface yet!! But I am so thankful for tools that allow us to seek and find...and yoga is one of those tools for me.

My favorite yoga channel:

Other helpful yoga channels:

My current go-to yoga flows:

Videos I've made on yoga:

What about you? Do you practice yoga? Are you thinking about giving it a try? How does your own, personal movement practice help you mind, body, and spirit? Please comment below and tell me about your journey, I would love to hear. 🙏💛🌿

stay stoked,

Small Steps: How Yoga Helps Me Reset & Have A Better Day
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