A New England Autumn

A little look at what this autumn has looked like here in New England. The colors have been very vibrant this season, the leaves transforming almost overnight into shades of crimson, golden, and rusts. It's been enchanting. 

I've taken a small and needed break from filming vlogs, and instead made a decision at the beginning of the season to focus on stills, and returning to my love for capturing Vermont landscapes through photography. The inspiration was there so I followed it. The photos above are the result. I hope you enjoy this little taste of New England autumn.  

My fall favorites:


my favorite cozy/autumnal series's & films:

All Creatures Great and Small
Anne of Green Gables
Miss Scarlet and the Duke
Jane Eyre (2006, BBC Masterpiece version)
The Musketeers
Oliver Twist (2007 BBC Masterpiece version)
Prince Caspian

my autumnal vibe score picks:

A Hidden Life 
Far from the Madding Crowd
Pride & Prejudice 
Girl with a Pearl Earring

 How is this beautiful fall season unfolding for you dear soul? What are some of your favorite things about autumn? I would love to hear in the comments below. <3

stay stoked,

A New England Autumn
  1. Your photography is gorgeous Kate! You have a gift. I’m feeling inspired by all these beautiful autumn photographs! This post is making me want to go to New England! You have impeccable taste in film and scores!
    I am loving this autumn season! The weather is crisp and cool and I love making a warm cup of tea in the morning and evenings! This autumn I have been able to write an autumn story! I love writing in the autumn. It is so cozy and I feel like I can take things slow with my writing. I’m not rushing and everything comes slowly and peacefully to me! I’ve really felt my creativity growing and unfolding in such a beautiful way this season!
    Thank you for writing this beautiful post Kate!

    Xoxo Moriyah (@fablerosemc)


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