the quiet glory of summer

It's August. The echinacea is in full, bright bloom. The air is filled with the songs of the geese as they splash down for a landing on the quiet lake. The waterlilies open each morning, floating as if in midair. The days have been hot for Vermont, and dryer than usual. The sky has been full of sunlight. I've been spending time writing by the open door, organizing my paints and art box, making anything and everything in the kitchen involving crusty bread, fresh tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, and going on day trips with loved ones.

I love this time of the summer. It's so peaceful and content in itself. Here's a few things I've been enjoying lately...

A recipe for a peaceful and replenishing August:

you are writing and vincent is painting - a playlist

5 minute pre-writing meditation for authors - get focused & attract creativity

This yin yoga practice

Peace is Every Breath by Thich Nhat Hanh

healthy and delicious Vermont harvested ChagaChai tea

my basic recipe for fresh hemp milk

This everything crackers & hummus recipe

how to stop using your phone... & live a happier life

How to declutter like a minimalist 

The Around the World in 80 Days series by Masterpiece

This fun episode of my sister Abbie and I's podcast

What are you up to this August, creative soul? I love this month. I love the long, warm, lazy days full of sunlight and june bugs. What is your favorite thing about this moment and this season? What creative projects are you delving into?

All the love, all the light,


the quiet glory of summer
  1. This is beautiful Kate! I love your blog!
    This month I am hoping to finish edits on the last book I wrote and to begin writing a new book set in a summer camp in the forest!

    1. thank you so much sweet soul!! Your book sounds AMAZING! I am cheering you on🌻

  2. Trees whispered secrets in the gentle breeze, while flowers nodded in agreement. Children's laughter echoed through the warmth, as nature itself embraced the serene joy of the sunlit season.

  3. As they splash down to land on the calm lake, the sounds of geese singing fill the air. Every morning, the waterlilies pay someone to take my class online bloom, appearing to float in midair.


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