planning a replenishing day in the woods

For me, there are few things more relaxing and replenishing than a lazy day spent in the forest or mountains - here in Vermont they are one and the same. Our mountains are covered with dense, lush green woods, dotted with trails, lakes, and sweet little spots to picnic.

Although I'm an avid hiker, I think it's deeply nourishing to not always have a 'mission' when heading into nature. Sometimes it's not the big hikes and grand adventures that our soul really needs. We just need a ramble. A laid-back forest bathe. We need a little aimlessness in our lives! 

So I wanted to share some of my summer-time favorites for planning a replenishing day in the woods include:

  • Use the All Trails website to find a great spot. They also have an app too, if you are someone who uses a phone! I have used All Trails for years to find and plan hikes and adventures internationally. Whether you are looking for a fun and challenging trek in a national park, or a peaceful lake to picnic beside, I've found All Trails to be a super reliable and valuable adventuring resource.
  • Load up on delicious fresh produce from your local farmers market to create the perfect picnic or trail lunch. Berries, apples, crispy kale, carrots, or freshly baked bread - you name it, and your local farmers probably have it! Supporting our local farmers is among some of the most important things we can do! 
  • Practice forest bathing! 
"Forest bathing and forest therapy (or shinrin-yoku) broadly means taking in, in all of one’s senses, the forest atmosphere. Not simply a walk in the woods, it is the conscious and contemplative practice of being immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest. It was developed in Japan during the 1980s, and in 1982 Japan made this form of mobile meditation under the canopy of living forests a part of its national health program. Researchers, primarily in Japan and South Korea, have established a growing body of scientific literature on the diverse health benefits." - The Global Wellness Institute 
  • Strap the kayak or canoe onto the roof and go for a paddle! Growing up on a lake, I have a special connection with going with being out on the water. I love listening to the loons in the morning, or the bullfrogs at night, or gazing upon the lily pads in the early morning rays.

  • Read a book under some tall, old trees. My sister Abbie and I recently did this during her Little Women themed picnic - the book was, of course, Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott, and you can watch Abbie's lovely vlog about it for all the fun, forestry lakeside vibes!
  • Visit a local farm or forest preserve. Go for a walk, pet the animals, breathe the fresh air!
  • Wade in a river - ahhh, the freshest, coolest mountain water! And the sound is pure music.

I hope this little burst of Vermont forest joy could give you some inspiration for your own day out in nature my friend. <3 Tell me, what is your favorite go-to spot outdoors? The mountains? The woods? The beach? I would LOVE to hear about it in the comments below.

Stay stoked <3

planning a replenishing day in the woods
  1. I love this! All of these summer-time favorites sound absolutely amazing! I need to go read a book outside and just enjoy living and reading!
    Thank you Kate! 💛

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