New books, new writing projects, new Etsy shoppe

Hey friend, greetings from sunny Vermont.

It's finally summer here in the mountains, and I am very stoked about it. This might seem surprising if you follow my YouTube channel, where I share about my writing journey, and my holistic lifestyle here in Vermont, because I make a lot of videos chronicling and celebrating the cold, snowy season here (aka, half the year), but I enjoy summer every bit as much, and probably a little more. Summer means gardening, spending a lot of time outside hiking, kayaking, going to the farmers market, and planning surf excursions. This summer is also extra special, because I am working on releasing a new book (!!! yes!!) and also co-writing a brand new SERIES with my sister, Abbie Emmons of Writer's Life Wednesdays

Between all of this highly computer intensive work, I've been giving myself (and my eyeballs) a break by doing something completely different - making something with my hands. I love making art, and that's certainly not limited to writing only. Raised by two creative, free thinking parents, my sister and I learned from a very early age to create boundlessly. I love weaving/macrameing. It's something I learned when I was very young, something that's really fun and relaxing to do outside on a sunny morning with a cup of coffee. I've made myself tie-on bracelets and anklets for years, and this summer I've been getting back into it. Which leads me to my announcement: I opened an Etsy shoppe

I have made so many bracelets/anklets, I thought I would start sharing them. The rich, earthy tones are deeply inspired by the colors and vibes of the Vermont mountains, and are 100% organic, low-impact dyed, fairtrade cotton. Woven with love by your local storyteller. :) It's also a great way to support my channel, if you enjoy what I make over there.

How I make them:

How's your summer going? What is your favorite thing (or things) about this time of the year? I would love to hear about your own journey, so click that reply button and tell me all about it. 

Much love & light,
New books, new writing projects, new Etsy shoppe
  1. I love this other outlet for your creativity and how you're pursuing it! But I do have to ask, where did you get your sandals?

    1. Thanks so much, Emily! I have literally gotten SO many questions about these sandals since I posted my etsy shoppe! XD They are z-Treks by Xero Shoes! They're a barefoot/minimalist shoe (aka, very thin/zero drop) and are AMAZING. Here's a link for you if you wanted to snag a pair:

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