Resurgence cover reveal!

This is it!! The day is here and I couldn't be more excited. At last it is time to reveal the cover for the third and final book in The Blood Race trilogy, Resurgence! I'm simultaneously announcing this over on my Youtube channel, so I will embed the video below and let that speak for itself. (Don't scroll further until you've watched it til the end or you'll ruin le surprise!! ;)) 

aaaand now, for a closer look...

:') I am very excited about this. 

If you are too as in, you would like to actually start reading this book right right now? HECK YES, let's do that: Resurgence is up on netgalley, and is open for anyone to request to b on my advance reader team! so if you're ready to start reading, go request to be an advance reader - and give me a heads up in the comments below so that I know who you are and can approve you as promptly as possible. 

AND another thing: as you may have just heard in the video, the blog tour for Resurgence kicks off when the book does (Sept. 1) so if you're a blogger and you would like to take part, you can sign up for that right here, right now. I would be absolutely honored to have you be part of this journey! Find the sign-up form for that just below.

Finally, I want to say: THANK YOU. Thank you for being here, for reading, for all of your messages of support, and of course, your readership! It literally means the world to me, and I wish I could take you out for a cup of coffee and just talk for like an hour about how much I appreciate you.

It's happening! So, so excited. September 1st! I hope to see you on my ARC team, on the blog tour, and, most importantly, I can hardly wait to see what you think of Resurgence!

stay stoked!

Resurgence cover reveal!

  2. asdlfjasdlkfjdslkf IT'S GORGEOUS�� !!!!!

    1. and also, WHO DESIGNED THAT WONDER???��

  3. Ahhh I'm obsessed and can't wait for this finale!!

  4. Omg I can hear the excitement through the words on the screen XD Love it!! The cover is marvelous. I mUST must must read the first two books, they sound AMAZING. holy guac how does it feel to have finished the finale in this series? I really hope I will know that feeling one day :)


    Hanne ||

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