intentional creating + kinda big announcement


it can be difficult to see a need to slow down in a world that seems to rush around our ankles like a receding tide. it can be tricky to step back, take a few long, slow breaths, and come to the conclusion that quality is far more important than quantity in a cultural climate that seems to chant: make more, make more, make more, at the top of its voice.

but as a writer, i've come to deeply, deeply feel that it doesn't matter how much we make nearly as much as it matters how and why we make it. that's where the quality comes from - the meaning. the reason.

because there has to be a reason, hasn't there? 

why do we write, draw, sing, dance, and do all the other things? let's not go so fast that we're distracting ourselves from asking these questions - these important questions. 

(this reminds me of a really great ted talk that i've watched many times and highly recommend.)

what's better? that i make one very important, very authentic, very true, very meaningful thing - or that i make a bunch of things that my heart wasn't in, that i forced and muscled my way through, and that mean very little to me and likely anyone else?

see, as creatives we have some of the most important jobs - we're dealing with human hearts, souls - people's lives. we have fire in our hands! we have the opportunity to impact someone's life in a lasting way, for better or for worse. that's why creating with a reason, with an intention, and with a purpose is so incredibly important.

we need to quit this idea of "more", and lay hold of this glorious notion of creating intentionally - with our hearts.

i feel like this post tags on super well to last week's, which was about taking internet breaks and disconnecting in order to recharge - which can definitely help aid us in creating with a higher level of intention. this is actually the last blog post you will see from me until may - yes, this is the sign-off, my rad friend. i'll be unplugging, recharging, and getting stoked (aka surfing a lot). 

because even though the world likes to rush, we don't have to, and that's not the place where cool stuff is made. cool stuff is slow-cooked. it takes time and patience to steep. and that's the place i want to create from.

all that said, i wasn't sure if now was the time to announce it or not, but i feel like, having said everything i just did, this is the perfect time:

i've written three more books for you. and i'll be releasing two books this year.

i'll be publishing resurgence, the final book in the blood race trilogy, plus another new book. i don't want to give too much away about it right now, except that i am very, very excited about it and you guys will be hearing a lot more about it in the coming months. you'll also have a release date from me soon for resurgence, so keep your soul windows peeled for that. 

creating from a place of intention has some very cool perks. i can't wait to share more with you guys. i can't wait to see what ideas come to me while i'm away, and i also can't wait to let those ideas take over my life and make me drink loads of coffee and type away like mad for hours on end and transform into stories for you guys. eeeeeee!!


that's it for now! signing off. i love you guys and would be nowhere without you! have an amped april

stay stoked!
intentional creating + kinda big announcement
  1. Ahhhh I can't wait for my copy of Worlds Beneath to arrive! (The Blood Race is definitely a new favourite. <3 ) I'll miss your beautiful posts but understand the need to take a step back, and I can't wait to see what you create in these moments of rest. All the best with your creativity, and thank you for sharing your heart with us! <3



    ^^my emotions right now


  3. kATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I just scrEAMED. oh my gosh. kate, you amaze me. you utterly amaze me. only you would casually whip out three more books. cannot waIT. ugh i'm so proud of you i can't deal. :""")

  4. AHHHHHHH!!!! This is very exciting news. I am pumped for the third book because holy heck I need some closure. XD

    Also yay brand new book!!!! Every single cell in my body is super curious.

  5. We have been blessed! Can't wait for a year full of books from K.A. Emmons! You're an inspiration, Kate!

  6. Two paragraphs in, I knew. . .I knew there were gonna be thoughts exploding in my brain from this.

    The thing I most struggle with when it comes to creating tons of content is that, it’s hard for your people/followers to consume it all. I battle with keeping up with all the projects my friends are up to, and also finding time to work on my own projects. I know I’d much rather be surprised by new content than be overwhelmed by an ocean of it.
    Cannot wait for the release of Resurgence!!! (and mystery book. oohhhh : )

    Enjoy your hiatus for all its worth.

  7. I’m so excited about the last book and the new awesome looking forward to hearing about it. I hope you have a wonderful few much recharging I’ll miss you but unplugging is so important. Take care and see you later have fun!!!

  8. Enjoy your break! I'm so excited for your new books. :)

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