3 practical (& self-loving) ways to kick writer's block

one of the questions i'm asked the most is how i remedy writer's block and stay inspired creatively. but i think oftentimes, we ask this question from the wrong starting point: "how do i get rid of writer's block?" simply put, we wait to ask ourselves this question until we already feel stuck and uninspired.

today i want to go over a few practical (self-loving) ways to kick writer's/creative block in the face, but first, i think it's important to start with identify what exactly writer's block even is. (if you're not a writer, this can all easily be applied to creative blocks of any kind.) 

i've noticed that a lot of people talk about writer's block almost like it's an ailment - something that one catches from who-knows-where; something that you had nothing to do with.  

but see, that's where i think we're wrong. in most cases writer's block doesn't just happen to us - we don't "catch" it. writers block is just an indicator that our creative balance is off - that's all it is...and happily, there are quite a few things we can do to change that.   

i recently made a video all about changing up your creative routines to help stay balanced and inspired - if you haven't seen it yet, feel free to check it out here.   

okay, let's dive right in - here are three of my favorite practical ways to prevent writer's/creative block - aka a few things I check on regularly to keep my creative mind healthy and balanced:

#1 clean my office

this may seem like a small, and perhaps even insignificant step to take, but keeping your creative space clean an organized can really aid in boosting your creative energy. i always feel calm and more at peace when i sit down at a clean desk instead of a messy, cluttered one. try tidying up before you start your creative work flow. maybe even make or buy a few storage containers to get more organized. cleaning up before you start writing or working on your creative project can actually become a relaxing ritual. 


and I'm not talking about a bowl of cheerios. grab an avocado and some eggs, or a bowl of fruit with diary or non-dairy yogurt. i'm always amazed (and amused) by how i can typically pin-point some of my roughest, and most "uncreative" days only to find that those were the days i ate poorly, or skipped breakfast. food - GOOD food - is fuel. are you sitting down to write on an empty stomach? are you fueling yourself with sugar or processed foods? your brain burns roughly 300 calories A DAY. so if you find yourself beating your head against a stubborn plot hole, or just unable to think clearly, you might be able to actually beat that writer's block by taking a break and making yourself something substantial to eat. i've found a lot of good, healthy recipes here and here

#3 get plenty of sleep

for me, this has always been the biggest one: when i'm tired, i struggle with being creative. it's hard to think, it's hard to write, it's hard to not fly off the handle over very small things. everyone needs different amounts of sleep depending on their specific needs, but based on studies, the average person needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep. i'm a 9 hour person. i've experimented to test my theory: i'm pretty miserable with less than that. so if you're feeling chronically uninspired to write or create, and maybe just feeling downright fatigued, check up on how many hours of shut-eye you're getting at night. If you're clocking in somewhere around 6 or 7 hours - or maybe even less, trying going to bed earlier, or letting yourself sleep in later if you are able to do so. you might find that this actually helps turn your creative game around. here's a helpful article.  

these may seem like no-brainers to some, but i find it amazing how easy it can be to let things like these slide! often our schedules quickly fill and become hectic and things like eating right, sleeping more, and giving ourselves the clean, quiet spaces we need to be creative fall to the wayside. 

but this kind of self-care is so important because these are all vital things our bodies NEED to stay healthy, balanced, calm, and happy. i used to have this mentality that if i could write then i would be happy, but it's actually the reverse. we need to be happy first - and then, from that starting point, we can begin to be creative, and make things the world needs. there's an awesome TED talk about happiness first. i feel like i've linked it a hundred times before and i'm about to do it again, because it is THAT good.

so there are three of my favorite practical (and regularly used) tips for staying creative and inspired. i hope they can act as an encouragement to you as you continue chasing your dreams, goals, and creative careers! this post was released earlier this week on my patreon blog - and there's also a patron-exclusive podcast to accompany it as well. 

okay rad soul, now it's your turn - what's something you would add to this list?? what keeps YOU happy, healthy, and feeling creative? what's your go-to when you feel 'meh' creatively? i would LOVE to hear what you think in the comments below!

stay stoked!


  1. That was a great blog writers block can be super frustrating. I liked your advice a lot. Whenever I feel blocked I grab a comforting cup of coffee listen to music that inspires me and look at quotes or sayings that are uplifting and write in my journal helps me a ton when I feel blocked.
    Peace and good vibes

    1. COFFEE IS ALWAYS COMFORTING. thank you so much for reading and commenting, Cecila! still don't know why your name is showing us as mine XD

  2. Ugh, thank you for saving me. <3

  3. why are these things always the first to slide??? SO FREAKING IMPORTANT. <3

    1. I've been asking myself the same thing dude! SO TRUE

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