wandering: howth

howth was, by far, my favorite place in dublin. there was a quiet beauty about it's winding coastal streets and craggy shore; a sort of beckoning which rings in my ears even now. i hear the lapping of the gentle teal ripples far below the cliff walk, and the cool wind whipping through the blossoming brush. in my mind i can see the seagulls circling overhead and bobbing below, ebbing with the tide; sailboats gathered in the harbor, snug and huddled like a flock of geese, rocking gently against one another.

howth is a dream, in a sense - a place i submersed myself in long before i ever saw it with my own eyes. walking into shops and hiking the cliffwalk, driving the streets, getting coffee, breathing the sea air, it was all steeped in déjà vu; a sense of having done it all before. a sense of returning, having been there in someone else's shoes. namely, my character's. a beloved: fin.

if you've read the blood race, you've met bright eyed, spirited, lion-hearted fin. you've read the chapters where he and hawk transport into ireland, roam dublin, and trek around the cliff walks with fin's sisters, who seem to me sometimes mere personifications of pastel watercolor splashes. those scenes were among some of my favorites to write, and now, having actually been to and spent time in ireland - and dublin specifically, i'm filled with nostalgia and sheer satisfaction when i look back to those sweet, og scenes. they are realistic and homey and conveyed everything i felt in my heart when i was there, standing in the very same places i wrote about.

so here are a few of my favorite shots. here is a glimpse of dublin, and specifically of howth, through my eyes and lens. here is a sweet, sweet place that fills my heart with my character and my book and gives me only inspiration to go on.

i'll be sharing more soon about the next - the final in the blood race series, and how excited i am that we will be returning to these rugged and wild landscapes. but for now...mmm, howth.

have you ever been to ireland?? if so, where? if not, have you ever dreamed of making a trip? and most importantly...WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FIN SCENE?? now that i would love to hear <3

stay stoked!


  1. I LOVE FIN!! He's lowkey my favorite book character in general. He's so amazing and I need to find a Fin in my life. :D

    My favorite Fin scenes are definitely the ones with Delta in book two I loved the way they interacted. Honestly, I really like Delta. I know a lot of people felt she was kind of mean or manipulative, but there's something about her, something vulnerable, that I loved and connected with her.

    Love the pictures. Ireland sounds really cool. :D

    1. AAHHHH IVIE YOUR WORDS MEAN SO MUCH TO ME <3 I'm so glad you love Fin. I honestly think everyone needs a Fin in their lives x) <3

  2. Lovely post! The wording is very melodic.
    I desperately want to go to Ireland. The closest I got was England.
    And my favorite Fin scene is every scene that he says some one liner or makes a joke. He's the best.

    1. thank you SO MUCH, Evangeline!! And oh man, england is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, i LOVED it!!

  3. Wow! Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing this photos.I feel relaxed.

  5. you keep making me want to go to ireland, oh my goodness <3


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