process (cannot happen alone)

deep breath. stretch. don't want to get up yet-- have to. shades, twist, sunlight.

mmmm. good morning.

sunlight on my shoulder blades.
coffee. sunlight. sunlight. sip.

desk chair, flip screen. tap, tap, tap-- fingers flying.


retractable pen: click, click, click.
drawing pine trees. thinking. getting in on my hands.

sip. pour. sip. think.
tap, tap, tap.

crack; eggshells. toast.
potatoes and rosemary.
more coffee, more words.



licking my lips, staring into space,
fingers fly.

trees, so many trees.

sunlight in the window as i tap
and sip.

every day.
feet under the desk. butterflies in my belly.
what's going to happen next
what's going to happen


more coffee
more words


it's not the gush of water that breaks the rock, it's the steady: drip, drip, drip.

it's the every day.

it's the



that was this morning for me. today is part of the process and tomorrow will be too. sitting here in the sunlight, sipping my coffee after letting loose some words on the page, it feels surreal that Worlds Beneath is OUT THERE. like... whoa, man.

and here's the thing about process: you can't do it alone. i couldn't do this alone. this whole launch has been so extremely humbling because of that fact alone. i couldn't do this without you, the reader. the commenter. the betas. the team. my family. my mom reading and leaving me sweet notes in the margins. my sister who is pure brilliance and everything. my husband. my editor. my proofreader, formatter. every single on of you who have read an arc, posted on social media, or written a blog post.

i could not do THIS without YOU.

please know how much you mean to me. please know how important you are to me. please know.

book two is here because of you guys. <3



  1. You're a treasure, dear <3 So happy for you!

  2. I guess this post got lost in my blogger feed, which frustrates me, but I'm so happy to have seen it now. I am so excited and I CAN'T WAIT to buy a paperback version when it becomes available. <3 You are an inspiration to me!

    Happy Fourth of July. <3

  3. <3 What a beautiful way to describe the sometimes messy, thrilling, and arduous process. Does it look better now in hindsight than it did while you were in it? Or did you appreciate it just as much in the moment?

  4. This was so beautiful!!! <3


  5. Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you that this dream can now be held in our hands! You are one amazing human. xx

  6. this is so lovely to read: congratulations again, Kate! I am so so excited for you and can't see where you're going to go someday: you are one talented girl.

  7. so happy and proud of you <3 this post was beautiful and captivating, and i absolutely can't wait to read worlds beneath :)

  8. Wonderful!A very heart felt blog and congratulations on your upcoming book.

  9. Great idea how expresses your thoughts through a poem. Congrats!

  10. Well deserved..I like your post and how you humble yourself. Keep it up!

  11. Looking forward on your new journey dear..Good luck!

  12. Pays your hard work and effort. Good luck on your journey.

  13. Your a wonderful person and you deserve all the love and support. Keep the fire burning.

  14. A price well given to a wonderful person like you. Just continue what you love to do.

  15. Continue to post more of your written blogs. Looking forward for more.


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