wandering: paris

though there's about a foot of fluffy white powder on the ground, warmer days and whispers of spring seem to be on everyone's tongues. and as i imagine the milder days ahead, my mind is drawn back to paris; those long, warm days in that old romantic city.

paris was like the morning. waking up from a long sleep in a strange but soft bed, throwing open the window to find a city bubbling to life beneath the window sill and lazy white curtains. it was bonjours and brisk walks in search of cafes, where Tyler and I would guzzle good coffee and indulge in still-warm pastries and quiche.

it was a dream in a very real sense; losing my breath as i stood below the eiffel tower for the first time in my life. staring up at that great and historical beacon that had long since hung framed all over my bedroom walls. it was relaxing on benches in the sunlight, while locals sunbathed and children ran, laughing across the green.

paris was the louvre, and getting sore feet, not to mention lost. it was long bus rides and bubble tea and getting up early to go drink in the sights. it was slowing to wonderstruck stops along the Champs-Élysées, snapping pictures and savoring the view. it was late dinners and sparking water and crepes that were good but not as good as my grandmother's own.

paris was strolling the seine. it was picnicking on paninis and fries with an eiffel tower view. it was buying baguettes and pastries and of course a little perfume to bring home to my sister. it was celebrating 4 months of being married to my favorite blonde, blue-eyed, fire-fighting Airman. 4 of the happiest months of my life.

paris was everything i had imagined. so much more.

i've been ACHING to get this post up; paris seems to always be bubbling in the back of my mind. I'm already scheming up a trip back. i figured with how busy things are getting over here with Worlds Beneath's release prep, we were long overdo for a good dose of wanderlust. ;) YOUR TURN: where was your last great adventure?? and if you could get a free plane ticket bound for ANYWHERE... where would it be to??? hit me up in the comments!! i'd love to hear about it.