Cover Reveal + Announcement of Giveaway Winners!

I would like to say a great big GIANT THANK YOU to each and every one of you who entered the giveaway and showed your support for my series The Blood Race. You guys are truly amazing and I couldn't be more grateful. Keep in mind that I'll be hosting numerous giveaways throughout the coming year [I'm already scheming something pretty fun for you guys leading up to the release of book #2] so fret not if you weren't selected this time. Be sure to go hit me up on social to stay updated on upcoming events, etc: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Book Instagram.

AND, and, if you haven't read The Blood Race in the series yet, you can actually snag the first 9 chapters for free right here on my site.

OKAY, without further ado, the 6 winners of the giveaway! [In order, first two names = first place winners, second two names = second place winners, last two names = third place winners]

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Congratulations to the winners! I'll be hitting each of you up via email so you can let me know where I should send your goods. *confetti rains down like FIRE FROM THE BLACKENING SKY* And a massive thank you to everyone who entered, shared and made this so much fun. Truly, you guys are special.

okay, guys. you know what happens next. you know why we're here. THE TIME IS HERE. THE HOUR HAS COME.

you honestly don't even want to read this introduction. you probably didn't even. you probably just scrolled down to see the cover didn't you - DIDN'T YOU??? just kidding, I love you. (what i just described is literally what I would do, so no worries. ;))

If you have already read book #1, keep scrolling if you wish, beautiful soul - but if you haven't yet, here's the lowdown on the series before you check out the cover:

credits for this stunning movie book trailer go to the incredible Abbiee, who also happens to be my beloved sister. [I know, I'm ridiculously blessed, you don't need to tell me. go hit up her blog and show her some lovin]

Now, let's get this done:



*cannot contain self*

You guys need to comment below and let me know what you think of the cover! I am so pumped about this one for so, so many reasons. But first, let's just talk about the cover, and let's also talk about how I seriously don't understand how my sister is so extremely multi-talented and downright gifted, because she designed this cover. Yeah. *mind = subtly blown*

There's so much meaning behind the cover, and behind the name, Worlds Beneath. I can't really say much without spoiling the story for you guys, so I will zip it, but let's just say I am extremely stoked for you to read the story and see the elements here explode into streaming technicolor.


In Worlds Beneath, Fin has a point of view. 

If you read book #1 in the series, you know that the story is told through two alternating points of view - Ion and Hawk. Don't worry, they'll be right there with you in Worlds Beneath, but... this time, their voices will be joined by a third voice that many of you wanted to hear more of. Not only is Fin spectacularly engaging to write, his point of view in Worlds Beneath is critical to the story, and I honestly cannot wait for you to see why. I hope you guys will enjoy getting to know this superpower-wielding Dublin native a bit better!



I for one LOVE listening to book/writer playlists, especially when they are attached to someone's amazing brainchild of a novel. So, if you're as into that as I am, hit up/follow the 'official' playlist for Worlds Beneath. This is the music I listened to while I wrote the book, and these are songs that remind me of scenes, characters, and overall themes in the story.


My sister, once again, gets credits - the Pinterest board is all her (she is queen).

I seriously love you guys so much, and I can't thank you enough for your comments, love, support, & readership. If you haven't read the first book, the first 9 chapters are available free right here, so definitely take advantage of them - that's why they're there. :) Or give it an add on Goodreads.

Well guys, QUESTION TIME! What do you think of the cover and title?? Are you stoked for Worlds Beneath??? Have you read The Blood Race - the first book in my series? Are you a writer, a reader or both?