the rivets

it's not always the big things. the long trips, the far reaches, the epic climbs and the butterflies as we take to the stage. no, it seems the more i fly, run, reach, and do the things i've always dreamed of, the more i realize that though these are all beautiful, sparkling gems of life... this pure, sweet existence is stapled together not by these grand gestures and gallivants.

but by the dawn creeping through the curtains. the coffee in white mugs. the scent of my husbands tee shirts. the sound of my sister's orchestral laughter. afternoon talks with my mom. the time between sunset and dusk when the crickets and stars start to come out. my dad's jokes. snapbacks. lemonade. sweaters. passing cars with "just married" written on their rear window. warm clothes that just came out of the dryer. eating cereal late at night. long hugs. shooting stars. car rides going no where in particular. spotify playlists. tangled hair. open car windows. how my sister's eyes get really big when she's excited. i love you texts. seeing the ocean. stretching. doodling the the edges of shopping lists. holding someones hand. 

mm. these. all of these are the things that make up life - happiness. not the big big things; the dreams, the careers, the whirlwind tours... wouldn't it all be nothing without all of these little stitches that make up life's tapestry? 

sometimes i forget. sometimes i'm stressed off the wall and i just want to 'succeed so i can be happy'. but then i remember that i'm a funny little child who needs to be reminded that these "little" things are the successes. because 'success' without them is hollow and echoing. success is in these little things; like rivets, they hold up the bridge.

they are the stuff of life. what we have sought, we already have.

just some sleepy, afternoon, jetlagged thoughts. i'm editing book two and marketing book one (!!!) and it can get stressful and sometimes make me lose track of how beautiful beautiful and exciting everything is. thinking about all of these beautiful pieces of life brings me back to earth and shows me the stars again. <3 

can you name me ten little things that make your heart hum please???

the rivets
  1. 1. sunsets over the ocean
    2. the smell of wind in the mountains
    3. the moment before the sun rises
    4. poetry right before midnight
    5. reading old journal entries
    6. hours listening to my mom's wisdom
    7. sunlight streaming through my window
    8. quiet snowfall
    9. the smell of rain
    10. the sound of the ocean

    thank you for this beautiful post <3

    audrey caylin

    1. and thank YOU for this beautiful list, Audrey! <3 love it so much!

  2. 10 li'l things that make my heart hum

    1) the perfect pen
    2) the smell of fabric softener
    3) Spotify playlists of solo piano
    4) midday sunshine
    5) bike rides
    6) the kind of laughter that makes my mouth hurt and my stomach ache
    7) hearing others pray on my behalf
    8) cold apple juice
    9) a smile from an elderly person
    10) snuggling under my blanket at night/for a nap

    Lovely post. So real. Also, how long of a flight does it have to be before you get jet lag? I'm flying in a couple weeks (for the first time since I was 6 y/o) and I don't want to be all draggy when I reach my destination.

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. LOVE your list & I'm so glad you liked the post, O!

      On jetlag... I think it differs from person to person. Some people handle it way better than others, haha. We flew from Philadelphia to Rome and it was a 7 1/2 hour flight. I was SUPER jetlagged the first day, and then after that I was fine. Coming home, I flew from Paris to Boston and I'm still pretty tired three days later XD I would recommend trying to sleep on the plane if you are able to!

    2. Wow! Okay I will keep that in mind; my flights aren't that long but I will make sure to get good sleep before I leave and while I'm on the plane ;) Thanks! ^_^

  3. 1. finding a new song and listening to it 80 times in a day
    2. golden hour
    3. long, friendly conversations with strangers
    4. cool breezes
    5. sweatshirts that are way too big
    6. smoothies
    7. the smell of cut grass
    8. lyrics that hit you right where you need it most
    9. happy dogs
    10. tight hugs. you know, the ones that make you believe that everything will be ok.

    This post made me so happy. ♥


    1. oh my goodness those kinds of tight hugs - YES <3 exactly what the soul needs. this list is beautiful, Megan!

  4. 1. Time alone with Jesus
    2. Leaves the color of red and gold
    3. Autumn breezes
    4. My purple hoodie
    5. Dogs
    6. Time spent with family
    7. A wonderful conversation
    8. Inspiring posts
    9. Time to read or write
    10. The idea of a ranch on property in Texas

    This post was beautiful and really reminded me to look at the small things. <3



    1. 1. the way the late afternoon light shines on my bookshelves
      2. how my journal is too thick and I'm not even halfway through
      3. the sound of football on the tv when dad's home
      4. when your little brother who's almost too old comes right over to cuddle in the morning
      5. dad's coffee
      6. the hot suddy water you wash the dinner dishes in
      7. too many books and notebooks and random papers stacked up on my bookshelf/nightstand beside my bed
      8. that the sunrise and sunset always come and go no matter what's temporary for you
      9. how the steam from hot tea condenses on your nose when you hold it close to your face
      10. that God's promises and His Word never change

    2. these lists people are leaving in the comments are literally giving me life gonna have to check back on this one :')


  6. love you and how you mentioned my eyes getting big when I'm excited hahahaaaa


  7. 1. Waking up in the morning with sun shining on your face and cool sheets brushing your legs. It's a new day.
    2. Books. The feeling of pages between your fingers.
    3. Old photos of people you never knew and younger versions of people you do.
    4. Laughing with old friends after church.
    5. Making time to journal after a long day.
    6. Remembering old times.
    7. Writing things by hand. Banging out words on a typewriter.
    8. Finding the things you lost.
    9. Reading words you wrote a long time ago.
    10. Being home.


    1. THE FIRST ONE THOUGH <3 love this whole list, Zane

  8. - the soft breeze on a summer's day
    - laughing way too hard with people you care about
    - sunrises + sunsets (they give me life)
    - freshly mowed grass
    - puffy clouds against a stark blue sky and a brilliant sun
    - days when your hair and outfit actually cooperate
    - peace in the heart
    - writing by hand in a notebook
    - when hopes and dreams turn into reality
    - realizing anew Jesus' love for me

    love this idea & love this post <33 it definitely is the little things in life that make it worth it, and i forget that way too easily. so thank you for this reminder, kate :) i'll be back to this post again for sure.

    1. freshly mowed grass <3 literally the scent of summer. love this list, Autumn!!

  9. I love how your posts are inspiring, conversational, honest, a dose of morning sunrise. Thank you for this!

    1. That feeling when you find the right Bible verse to hit your heart when you REALLY needed it.
    2. Pastel pink and blue sunsets.
    3. My cousin playing the piano and all of us crying.
    4. Snuggling up on the couch with my mom.
    5. Ocean waves singing to me softly.
    6. Reading a really good book and feeling like I live within the pages.
    7. Christmas morning.
    8. My favorite black sweater. <3
    9. The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" record.
    10. Mountains.

    1. dang you made my day Erin :') thank you so much AND I LOVE YOUR LIST

  10. This is wonderful! It really is true about how wonderful little things are.

    -fans to aid the heat
    -ice cream (also for heat)
    -lowkey days
    -inspirational pictures
    -my little sister being herself
    -matching pajama sets
    -extendable comment section (:
    -the night shift season four
    -tooth brushes for clean teeth
    -this day and blog reading

  11. Wow, thank-you. There's so much beauty in this.

    1. Purple sunsets
    2. Little birds looking at themselves in the mirrors of my car
    3. Hearing a boy's laugh - the kind that wavers between little boy and man pitch
    4. Meeting new friends
    5. When something lines up so perfectly it has to have been Authored
    6. A smile
    7. I'll Keep You Safe by Sleeping at Last
    8. Prayer walks
    9. The promise of spring
    10. Rest in the midst of the storm

    And it was so good to stop and think of ten things; thanks again. Keep living. xx

    1. Ohh man, I love your list, Jessica! It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me!

  12. I'm not going to make a list because I am like a lazy little beast but this post is absolutely bueatiful Kate!

    1. aaahaha your comment made me smile though, Nabila! Thank you so much!

  13. my heart is so full, wow <3

    // bagels + cream cheese
    // chasing sunsets
    // stretching on the dusty wood floor as the sun peeks in through the windows in the morning
    // succulents
    // long phone calls
    // writing letters
    // the ocean
    // warm mugs of coffee
    // seeing a friend after a long time
    // journaling letters to God and watching how He answers them

    1. yes yes yes yes <3 I love this list, Grace Anne + I LOVE the journaling prayers idea... that is SO beautiful

  14. I love this, kate <3
    The way the sun hits the kitchen window at dawn
    The the way ink looks on tattered, cream-colored pages
    A good long hug
    mountains in the fall
    foggy mornings
    driving towards the sunset
    feeling tired & sore at the end of the day, knowing you've lived fully
    exchanging smiles across the room at an inside joke
    real, deep conversations over coffee

  15. ohmyword. This is so plain gorgeous and really just what I've been thinking now and then <333

    - how adorable my sis looks in her toque
    - the touch of autumn in the air
    - coffee at Tim's
    - the teens I love to observe even though I don't know who they are
    - the little inspirational lines and posts on instagram
    - when a friend published her book
    - the little notes of thanks
    - doing the dishes on my own
    - waking before the crack of dawn
    - writing late when I should be in bed

    Okay that was so spur of the moment and all about today/yesterday but Kate I think you're on to something! Thankfulness is practice and this is a wonderful thing you asked us to do <333


    1. thankfulness is *totally* a practice! ya nailed it. & i love your list, Lisa! Thank you for sharing

  16. I LOVE this post.

    1. holding hands
    2. morning sunshine making patterns on the walls
    3. the smell of Starbucks
    4. talking into the mic in front of high schoolers at youth group
    5. thrift shopping with coupons
    6. water and sky on a clear day by the lake
    7. driving fast in the country
    8. the first few trees that change colour
    9. my dog coming to the door when I get home
    10. late night conversations with mummah

    1. yes yes yes yes yes to the last one; convos with mom are the best. <3 thank you for sharing this beautiful list, Olivia!

  17. 1. tall trees
    2. making my friends laugh
    3. soft, yellow peaches
    4. hugging my dad
    5. full moons
    6. the moment after you read a really good book
    7. receiving a letter in the mail
    8. losing myself while playing piano
    9. playing hard with my team
    10. sneakers

  18. 1. the smell of books
    2. discussing books with fellow book lovers little sisters sense of humor
    4. my grandpa's eyes when he says "I love you"
    5. misty mornings
    6. butterflies in the springtime
    7. laughing till I ache with my best friend
    8. chocolate chip cookies
    9. the quiet of the afternoon
    10. having new books to read

    1. Ohhh, man, I love this list, Emilie! Thank you for sharing

  19. i am having so much fun and feeling so much blessing from just reading the comment section ahhhhhh this is the best thing.
    i don't even have to make a list because literally everything i would write is mentioned tenfold here.
    and that is enough.
    oh how i love this.
    Randy Abby
    WAKE ME UP Blog

  20. This is such a gorgeous post, and a much needed reminder. Thank you! <3

    Ten things. Hmmmm...
    1- When the wind sings so loudly in my ears it makes my soul join the song
    2- Stroking crisp paper edges
    3- The click-clack of keys surrounded by night
    4- Smiles meeting in the mirror
    5- My family's booming laughter
    6- The potential of clean canvas
    7- Earphones tangled up in song
    8- Cold water running down my throat in summer
    9- Friends who understand without words
    10- Weaving through the air in dance, when nothing matters except the beat and your feet


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