Navajo trail || the road is home

Navajo Trail || 1.3 miles
Bryce, Utah

we circled the parking lot over and over and over again until we found a place to park among the cars with license plates from everywhere you could think of. it was morning but it was already hot enough to be wearing a bandanna soaked in cold water.

tongues native to seemingly every nation on earth filled the canyon with echos as we hiked down the switchbacks and into the gold. the formations pointed up to the blue, blue sky.

we sweated and laughed and i'm sure somebody was carrying sunscreen. i waited forever at a particularly enchanting turn in the trail for the guy in the plaid shorts to move so i could snap a photo. he apologized for being in the way and then moved further into the frame. oh well. there he will be forever. and now on the internet too, no less.

dad took a photo for a tourist couple and couldn't read the chinese writing on her iphone so abbie helped him find the right buttons. i filmed the process.

we climbed back up up up into what felt like a different layer of the world. the busy layer. so different from where the giants lived and loomed. big and red and orange and nectary yellow.

abbie and i looked out over it all and burned it into our camera lenses and memories like our eyes had room enough to fit it all inside. i wish they did.

because i had a moment of quiet and nothing and a burning desire to say happy new year to my wonderful friends. <3 who ate sugar cookies at christmas? who had a fun new year? how bout those resolutions?