nourishment for creativity

Hello from a gloomy afternoon in the Vermont mountains. 

I'm sitting here beneath my window looking out at the thick, dark woods, drinking my kale smoothie wondering whether to edit a little more or move onto the next task. The last few writing days have been tremendous, refreshing, revitalizing. I mentioned in my last video that it's been a bit of a struggle to get back into the creative writing mindset when I've been working on the final stages of a new book that will be coming out shortly. It's just such a different frame of mind to be in: editing, formatting, editing some more, figuring out all the little technical aspects that are so important to get right. 

And then there's creative writing... my home. I like to live here, in my mind. This is my dwelling place. It aches when I've spent too long away from it; I'm homesick. 

But now I feel that I am fully back in that sweet spot of writing and being able to balance that with everything else I need to be working on. Not always an easy task.

In other news, summer is in full swing here in the Vermont mountains and delicious fruits, berries, and veggies abound at the farmers market and the co-op. I am easing back into my 80/20 raw vegan lifestyle that I often adapt to for the warm season, and I am loving it. I deeply believe that taking care of ourselves, nourishing ourselves, taking the time to give ourselves what we need mind, body, and spirit is vitally important, not only so that we can live healthy, happy lives, but so that we can allow our own nourishment to spill over into the beautiful process of creation. We must create from a full cup. I feel immensely blessed that I am able to partake of this plant-based lifestyle, which has helped to guide me so much on my own journey.

That said, I'll share the (very) simple recipe for the delicious kale smoothie I'm drinking right now.✨🌱

1-2 cups of fresh curly kale (I like to use organic if it's available, and you can feel free to increase or decrease this amount.)

1 cup of plant milk 

1 banana

2 scoops of orgain protein powder

1/2 teaspoon of organic spirulina powder 

Blend it up and enjoy. If it's too thick, just add a little more plant milk or water.

Eat well, live well, be well, create beautiful things! What are some nourishing ways you have been looking after yourself lately? What does your self care practice consist of? What are your thoughts on plant-based living? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.✨

All the love and light!🌞


learning how to flow + rainy gloomy july

Hello from rainy, cold Vermont. (Yes, it's 4th of July weekend!) 

I can't remember the last time we've had such a cold, damp July 4th. The sky is choked with clouds, and it's drizzling off and on. I'm sitting beside the window, just finishing off an espresso, watching the wind stir the maples in the front yard. 

I'm days away from announcing a new book series, and best of all I've been actively writing a lot, which has felt very needed and therapeutic; a balm to the soul. I never push myself with writing, I write when I want to and when I don't I do other things. Not always thrilled about days when I don't feel like it, but I think that's part of the process - learning how to flow, remaining flexible: a bamboo reed, imagery that has always spoken deeply to me. Creativity was never meant to be something forced or pressured, and I feel like any concepts I've been carrying of what 'creativity should be' are coming down on a continual basis. Growth! It's all good! Let it flow.

In the area of minimalism, I've been given such joy in the unfolding of my ongoing journey in this practice. I feel more centered and focused than I have in the long time, and I honestly believe this is a large part of why I've been able to sink deeper into my writing lately. The less I am giving attention and energy to, the more I am able to really give my attention to the things I really want to invest myself into, heart and soul. I'm planning on filming a few videos about this to share more about my journey and what has helped guide me.

And lastly, my new Etsy shop, Vermont Boho...! What a joy that's been to share, I've been so touched by all the good energy and support. So thank you to everyone who has visited, commented, favorited my shop, and invited my work into their lives. Much love! If you haven't had a chance to check out my shop, feel free to here.

That's it for now. Off to forage for more coffee and perhaps get a little writing in. How's your weekend going? What's been inspiring your creativity lately? I would love to hear about your journey in the comments below, friend.

All the love & light,