My 7 Minimalist Self Care Essentials

Rest. Taking a moment. Breathing. Remembering that we are here to create...and that includes creating and cultivating and choosing joy. 

Here I sit, a steaming matcha latte in hand, remembering that life is brought to you by the slow sips...the pause...

Mmm. How often we forget the pause.

Sitting in silence...enjoying this...THIS. This moment we are living in right here, right now. 

Today's video on my channel is a thoughtful, yummy offering on the topic of self care and what it means to me exactly. I've been thinking a lot about self care and what it means. 

Self care is so much more than just going to get a facial or taking a bubble bath (not that there's anything wrong with these)'s about asking yourself: what really, deeply nourishes me, body, mind, and spirit? 

Often, the label of "self care" is applied to things that don't actually nourish us. Today, I wanted to open this topic and invite you to take part in this discussion...I wanted to share a few of the minimal, nourishing, and earth-friendly items that I use in my daily practice of self-care. I am not perfect in my practice by any a busy writer and creative, I can often forget to continuously nourish myself. But that's where self love comes in. :) Every day is a new chance to become whole.

So tell me, what are a few of your favorite ways to look after yourself? What are some nourishing items that you have invited into your own personal self-care practice? 🙏💛 Namaste

Stay stoked,

Are You Really A Writer??


Abbie and I wanted to get this episode out there during NaNoWriMo. I've heard from so many writer who have experienced this feeling: imposter syndrome. Those doubting voices that creep up on us, questioning: "Do we really have what it takes to be a writer? Or are we just kidding ourselves?"

A lot of writers struggle with imposter syndrome – the feeling that you're just "faking it" and not actually a REAL writer. You feel unworthy of praise and almost like you're fooling people into reading your work. Even when you receive positive feedback, you shrink – feeling like you aren't qualified to have such praise lavished on your writing. 

If any of this sounds familiar to you, don't worry: you are not alone. Many authors struggle with this conflict, which is why today Abbie and I are sharing our best tips for overcoming imposter syndrome and feeling confident in your writing.

Have you ever struggled with doubting your writing or creative work? How do you overcome thoughts of doubt? How do you gain confidence as a writer? I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments, my friend. 🙏💛 I wish you an inspired day.

Stay stoked.

Nourishment = Creativity

Creativity is cultivated. I have to remind myself of this. Sometimes I still forget to ask myself the question: what do I need today? What do I truly need?

Nourishment has to come first. That's my mantra. Today, between coffee and stress - wondering which tasks needed to be checked off the list first...I remembered to stop. To take a deep breath. To ask myself:

What do I need today?

Nourishment comes first. Nourishment cultivates creativity.

Creativity, like a beautiful tree, needs light, water, and nutrients. The creative spirit within us needs just as much attention and care. 

What good does stressing do us? Rushing, hustling. 

Let's slow down and let go. Let's ask ourselves: what do I need today? What will nourish me today?

And yes, sometimes your brain might reply: "we don't have time to do yoga, or meditate, or read a book, or simply sit in silence for a little while" sometimes our brain will urge us: go go go!

Yet, we can accomplish more, and feel more fulfilled if we start from the place of nourishment and creativity. And in order to arrive at that starting point...we need to slow down, draw back, breathe. Be mindful.

Today, this was my process. Today started like this:

This morning's very refreshing yoga practice:

The meditation that followed:

Yes, hour long meditations are peaceful, relaxing, and beyond that transformative. I've benefited greatly from them. But some days I just don't have time to settle down for that long. However, a little goes a long way, and this is incredibly true for meditation.

I sat on my yoga mat for five minutes, closed my eyes, breathed deep, and released the stress and tension I had been holding on to. I shed tears. I allowed my mind and heart to open and reset. It was powerful. It was needed.

Never underestimate what a little TLC in the morning can do for you creatively. This is just a snapshot of a couple of things I try to practice as often as I can. A few ways I start my day right.

Much love guys. <3

Stay stoked,